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GREAT Kids Snack Box - Discover 20 Healthy Snacks - Every Month
GREAT Kids Snack Box
GREAT Kids Healthy Snacks - Discover 20 New Snacks Each Month - Monthly Subscription


Recurring Charge On The 15th Every Month $29.99/1 month(s)

Subscription - Ships Every Month
1st Month Cost: $29.99
Recurring Charge : $29.99

Availability:: Delivery - 1st of Month
Product Code: GKS-MONTHLY-20

GREAT Kids... Discover Healthy Snacks.

Children can build strong minds and healthy bodies when they grab a healthy Snack-A-Day. Sign up for our convenient monthly delivery of the GREAT Kids Snack Box. Your subscription includes:

  • 20 NEW individually-wrapped snacks
  • Kid-tested tasty nutrition
  • Nutritionist-approved ingredients
  • On-the-go convenient packages
  • Nutrition for mental alertness
  • Healthy energy for physical activity
  • Different snacks to discover each month
  • FREE Convenient home delivery
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

GREAT Kids Snacks

Watch The Excitement Grow As 20 NEW Snacks
Are Discovered In Each Month's Convenient Delivery.

GREAT Kids Snacks

With the monthly delivery of a GREAT Kids Snack Box busy parents will have a convenient way to provide their children a healthy food choice each day. Then, you can buy more of your favorite healthy snacks to assure you and your children can always... grab a healthy Snack-A-Day.

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Your kids enjoy the adventure of discovering 20 different snacks each month. Each one is individually wrapped for convenience.

The images and review below are from one of our GREAT fans. Her highlight describe the type of snacks we offer in a typical month's box. Your snacks will be different, but you too will say, "Holy. Crapola. That was a LOT of snacks!
See that big ol’ pile of snacks up there? They were ALL packed inside of ONE GREAT Kids Snack Box. That’s a whole lotta snackin’ goodness!

The folks at GREAT Kids Snacks have one goal in mind — to provide parents with an affordable, easy way of making sure their kiddos are eating healthy (and yummy!) snacks. Their monthly snack box offers a nice sampling of granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, popcorn, nuts, and more. Everything is all natural, free of trans fats/high fructose corn syrup, and serve as great alternatives to traditional grab & go junk food snacks.

The GREAT Kids Snack Box contains 30 individually wrapped snacks. Each month will offer a new assortment, all of which you can buy in bulk right from their online store.

Okay, let’s see what they sent!That’s the box that everything was packed into. It arrived via FedEx and was a little beat up, but no snacks were injured during transit.

That’s the box that everything was packed into. It arrived via FedEx and was a little beat up, but no snacks were injured during transit. 😉


First look. I had no idea there were so many snacks lurking below the top layer. SO many.


Smart Puffs Baked Cheese Puffs – Baked puffs made with real Wisconsin cheddar cheese. Gluten-free, no trans-fat or preservatives.

Clif Bar Z Crispy Bar in Peanut Butter – I love “adult” Clif bars, so I’m thinking this will be pretty tasty too. Sounds like it’s sort of a healthier version of a rice crispie treat. Made with whole grains and organic ingredients.

Turbana Plantain Chips – These have 30% less fat than potato chips and are just 3 ingredients: plantains, vegetable oil, and salt.


Barbara’s Snackimals Animal Cookies in Oatmeal – I just *may* have eaten these a few minutes ago. They’re made with certified organic whole grains and they’re delicious.

Home Free Mini Vanilla Cookies – I’m no stranger to these cookies and was quite happy to see them in the box. They’re vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and fantastic. The vanilla ones good, but the chocolate chip & double chocolate chip is where it’s at. Just sayin’.


GoGo Squeez Applesauce on the Go – I’ve gotten these for the girls before (and just may have tried one myself). They’re basically just applesauce in a pouch. Convenient, tasty, and healthy. I dig it.

Plum Kids Organic Mashups in Beetbox Berry – We’ve had these before too and are always happy to get more. A nice mix of organic fruits & veggies in a convenient pouch.

Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt Smoothie – Organic fruit & yogurt pouch that provides lotsa calcium, protein, fiber, and Vitamins C & D.


Popcorn Indiana All Natural Kettlecorn – Yum! This kettlecorn is made with GMO-free corn, is gluten-free, and has no preservatives.

Soyjoy Bar in Strawberry – A baked bar made with ground whole soy and real fruit. It’s now “moister & fruiter”. Ha.

Fiber Love Fiber Bar in Cinnamon Raisin – I’ve gotten these in another box and thought they were super good. It tastes more like a cookie than a “health bar”. It’s load with fiber and is 100% natural (vegan too!).

Bumble Bar in Chocolate Crisp – This is a gluten-free/vegan, organic energy bar. It’s made with sesame seeds and other all natural ingredients.


Funley’s Pizza N’ Stuff Super Crackers – I’ve never heard of these before. They’re all natural crackers with veggies added to ’em. These ones have carrots and bell peppers. They’re also GMO-free.

Veggie-Go’s Fruit & Veggie Strip – This fruit strip is made with carrots, apples, and ginger. Nothing else. Can’t beat that.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather – Oops. I just realized that this guy is upside-down in the photo. I already ate him, so we can’t do a re-shoot. He was tasty.

Tasty Brand Organic Smoothie Fruit Snacks – Another brand I’ve never heard of. These look really good. Cute packaging too. They’re organic, vegan, and made with real fruit. Nothing artificial and NO corn syrup. :)

Justin’s Peanut Butter – All natural peanut butter. What more needs to be said? Yum.


Cruncha Ma-Me – Freeze-dried edamame veggie snack flavored with sea salt & black pepper. This package contains up to 30 pods of edamame and has more protein than an egg. It’s also vegan & gluten-free.

Funky Monkey Carnaval Mix – 100% real fruit and nothing else. Package contains freeze-dried organic banana, pineapple, apple, and papaya.


Late July Organic Bite Size Cheddar Cheese Crackers – All natural cheese crackers made with organic ingredients.

Kashi Berry Lemonade Granola Bar – Unlike a lot of flavored granola bars, this one’s made with real cranberries and lemons.

Cascadian Farm Vanilla Chip Granola Bar – Organic granola bar made with all natural ingredients, including vanilla chips!

Envirokidz Berry Blast Crispy Rice Bar – Certified organic and gluten-free crispy rice bars made with kiddos in mind.

Enjoy Life Not Nuts Seed & Fruit Mix – “Beach Bash” is a combination of sunflower seeds, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and apricots. 100% gluten & nut free.


Corazonas Blueberry Oatmeal Squares – All natural oatmeal squares packed with whole grains, fiber and protein.

Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies – Crunchy chocolate chip cookies that are vegan, gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients. Yay!

Somersaults – These are so damn good! I got them in another box, not expecting to like them as much as I did… Cinnamon Crunch is the only flavor I’ve had though, so I can’t speak for the other ones… but these are perfect, crunchy little morsels of yum.


Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps – I’m gonna go ahead and list all of the ingredients… Ready? Here goes: Freeze-dried apples. 😉

Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies – Baked snack crackers made with organic wheat flour and real cheese.

18 Rabbits Jr. Organic Granola Bar – The package states that it contains “no funny ingredients”. Cute. It’s also organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

Holy. Crapola. That was a LOT of snacks!! (Congrats for making it all the way to the end! haha)

If you like what’ve you seen and wanna make sure you always have healthy, kid-friendly snacks on hand, go on over to the Great Kids Snacks site and sign up! If you don’t want to commit to a monthly box, that’s cool… They also sell healthy snacks in bulk.

REVIEW By: Wendy on her Blog 2 Little Rosebuuds

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